By the Sea

Wednesday September 19

10 - 12 am

16 x 12 inches, but can be worked on a smaller canvas if you prefer.

$45.00 per person

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Red Fall Landscape

Tuesday September 11

1 - 4 pm

Red Autumn

This piece is 16 x 12 but can be painted on a 14 x 11 if you prefer a smaller canvas.

$45.00 per person


Upcoming Painting Classes


  Classes are posted regularly, so be sure to check back to see what's new.

Class Info

Unless otherwise posted on the info for a painting, all classes are designed for anyone who has not painted before. I have no expectation that you paint exactly like me....creativity and development of your own unique style are encouraged. Aprons are available, but please come in clothing that you don't care if it gets painted on. Accidents happen, and some times when painting they are not all unhappy ones!

Class sizes are limited to 4 - 6 people so that you can receive some individual attention as needed. 

All materials are provided and classes are $45.00 unless otherwise noted. Most classes will take about 3- 4 hours to complete depending on your creative talent and ability.

Host your own private paint party for 4 or 5 persons here, or up to 10 at your home or venue. Check out our current paint gallery at the bottom of this page or talk to me about painting something special for your group. 

 Payment is due upon arrival unless frequent no shows and cancellations become an issue. Registration can be completed below. Please enter the class date and time you wish to attend in the comment box.  You can also register via Facebook by sending me a private message.  

Painted window workshop - July, August, September

With a strong belief that art should be as unique as the person creating it, for this workshop, I will help you design a window that suits you and your style. Together, we will find a saying that says what you would like it to, in a font that pleases you. If you would prefer just a picture, you can do that too!

Together, we will design a window with ideas that come from you and create the template to fit your window.

Don't have a window? I have a selection here that may work for you at a reasonable price.

Once your design is ready, I will supply you with everything you need to create it and teach you what to do. You can work on painting here whenever you have time during studio hours at any time I am not running a painting class because once you know what to do, you don't need me to stand beside you and hold your hand - you just need me available when you need help!

$120.00 per window

Please use the registration form to discuss setting up a time to plan your window!

Aprons are provided, but please come in clothes you won't care get paint on. Accidents happen and acrylic paint does not come out of fabric.

Vivid Fall Landscape

Thursday September 27

1 - 3 pm

This 10 x 10 landscape is more vivid than it appears in photograph. The road is more purple than it appears. Pop in and take a peek!

​45.00 per person

Paint class gallery...classes past, present and future.

Any of these painting can be selected for your private paint party and there are more available to see at the studio. "Retired" painting are for sale in the studio.