Classes at Wiltse Creek Studio

Saturday at 9 - 11:15 am​​

November 10

B​ack to School

Pick your own wall colour and design as well as the colour of box you want to store your pencils in and give your homework space a personal touch by adding in your own information on the pencils with a paint marker.

This painting is 16 x 12 inches

​$30.00 per child

Saturday September 29: 9 - 11 am @ Wiltse Creek Studio

​Saturday September 22: 9 - 11 am in Delta

Classes in Delta

Saturdays from 9 - 11:15 am

November 17

Paint Class Locations:

Wiltse Creek Studio - in the kitchen at the main house - enter via the porch

Delta - Old Town Hall, 8 Lower Beverley Park Road

​Mallorytown - Front of Yonge Public Library, 76 County Road 5

Your Location - ask me about booking a paint party at your house! A great way to celebrate a birthday!

PA Day FRIDAY October 26

17 Cats

These samples are not quite finished, lacking their eyes and whiskers still, but no fear...they will appear in the finished project. The background colour can be chosen by the artist once they have assembled their cats because there is no telling what colour will look good! Parents wishing to create a canvas themselves are welcome.

9 - 11 am


1 - 3 pm

$30.00 per canvas

Canvas size 12 x 12 inches

​PA Day 

FRIDAY September 14

9 - 11 am

This piece can be hard or easy.  Shown on the left is the easy, perfect for the younger kids who are just starting out and is painted using one coat of paint and marker for the outlines. It's a nice introduction to handling paints, brushes and a new hobby.

It can be made more difficult for those who have painted before, as shown on the right by creating texture with your brush or increasing the number of rays of the sun or sky or adding in a ploughed field or mountains or a house. The sky is the limit.

$30.00 per child   canvas size 16 x 12

Coming Soon!

A Dark Night

9 - 11 am

Saturday October 13 @ Wiltse Creek Studio

Saturday October 20 @ the Old Town Hall in Delta

Paint classes for kids ages 7 - 12

Maximum 6 per session - register early


​$30.00 per child unless otherwise noted

Payment methods: email money transfer to

                                   :cash or credit card at the studio

Refund policy: 100% if the studio needs to cancel, 50% with one weeks notice

Please Register Here:

Some of the current paintings available for private parties with more available for viewing at the studio,  but if you have a theme I have not painted yet, I have a paintbrush!

PA Days at Wiltse Creek Studio

November 23