August 1-Delta
August 3-WCS

Ages 7 and up
10 x 20 inches
This is what my monster looks like,
but you should come with a drawing of your own monster and I will help you paint it!

July 4 -Delta
July 6 -WCS

Ages 7 and up
Ahoy Matey!
16 x 12 inches
Summer vacation is here and it’s time for fun and adventure. Come sail away on a pirate ship and bring your best mate along with you!  No deck swabbing skills required!

 This is a selection of just some of the paintings available for private paint classes or parties. Stop into the studio to see the full selection.

Paint Class Locations:

Wiltse Creek Studio - Winter: at the main house - enter via the porch. Summer: on the front porch at the main house.

Delta - Old Town Hall, 8 Lower Beverley Park Road

​Mallorytown - Front of Yonge Public Library, 76 County Road 5

Your Location - ask me about booking a paint party at your house! A great way to celebrate a birthday! Check out the gallery at the bottom of this page or stop in to see the full selection of paints available.

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​July 11-Delta
July 13 -WCS

Ages 8 and up (recommended due to small details)
Fireworks and the Fair
16 x 12 inches
I did not paint myself on the Ferris wheel because I am afraid of going that high up, but if you are brave, you can paint yourself into the picture but you will be teeny tiny because you are up so high in the sky!

​August 8-Delta
August 10-WCS

Ages 7 and up
12 x 16 inches
This handsome girl is hoping for someone to bring her an apple to eat. If you might get hungry, bring a snack with you.

August 22-Delta
Aug 24-WCS

Ages 7 and up
A Whale of a Tale
16 x 12 inches
Can you imagine what it would be like if you met up with a sleeping whale? What a tale you could tell all your friends!

Paint classes for kids ages 7 - 12

Maximum 6 per session - register early


​$30.00 per child unless otherwise noted

Payment methods: email money transfer to

                                   :cash or credit card at the studio

Refund policy: 100% if the studio needs to cancel, 50% with one weeks notice

Please Register Here:

Kids Summer Paint Classes 2019

Thursdays in Delta 

​Saturdays at Wiltse Creek Studio NEW!

August 15-Delta
August 17-WCS

Ages 7 and up
While you were out hiking!
12 x 16 inches
Oh oh! Bear found where you hid the marshmallows  - hurry back before he toasts the last one!

Interested in one or more of our summer classes? Let Facebook help remind you - head to our Facebook Events page and just click the "interested' tab on the painting and date/location you may like to create this summer. 

​August 29-Delta
August 31-WCS

Ages 7 and up
Summer Slug
12 x 16 inches
Oh, how quickly summer came and went and school is starting soon. Are you excited to go back, or are you wishing you could be like this colourful slug and take your time getting there?


​July 18-Delta
July 20-WCS

Ages 7 and up
Summer Bouquet
16 x 12 inches
Wouldn’t it be nice to just lay down in this field of flowers and watch the bees buzzing while the sun is setting and think about all the fun things you did today?

July 25–Delta
July 27-WCS

Ages 8 and up (recommended due to fine details
I Could be a Mermaid
12 x 16 inches
Is she a mermaid or just a girl? Only you will know what is under the water hiding behind the rock.