Depending on the mood I'm in or the current season, my earrings reflect my eclectic tastes - I love working with silver and forging pieces, but I also love the bright, vibrant colours of beads - so I dabble with it all! 

Do you need or want a special pair for a wedding or event?  I LOVE collaborating and coming up with bespoke jewellery. Talk to me about creating a new piece or recreating an older piece into a more modern look.

Broken chains? Loose fittings? Lost stones? I can help with that!


Spoon rings from antique flatware sets or new forged bands using sterling silver, brass and copper, a ring is my excuse to play with my torch and hammers. The results are always stunning.

Mantra Necklaces

  A yoga instructor once gave me a short sentence or a simple word that I was expected to repeat to myself whenever my mind started wandering from the practice and back to the stress of life.  While I haven't been to yoga in a long time, I try to remember that it takes as little as a single, powerful word to keep the day in perspective.  These necklaces are beautiful reminders to be kind to yourself.

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More than sparkle and shine - let your mind, body and soul relax. 

If a stone or metal catches my eye I may  use it as the focal point of a necklace, but many of the necklaces that I make include lava beads. These beads are able to absorb essential oils allowing your necklace to become an aromatherapy diffuser.

Working from my home in the 1000 Islands with my dog Tempe by my side, I am inspired to create new pieces from ideas that flow from the texture and colours of the stones and metals on my work table.

Beaded, strung, wired​ or leather - a bracelet can add to every outfit!

​  DEBORAH                       VARLEY